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since 1985 

RWBTC is a recreational bicycling club devoted to the promotion of friendly cycling in the Redlands, CA area.

We cater to riders of all levels (beginners to fast) and abilities.

Members with bad Emails List

If your name or if you know the member listed below that have bad emails, several problems exists.
  1. The Club cannot communicate with you via email.
  2. You may not be able to log in if you forget your password, since the a temporary password is emailed to a bad address
If you are on the list below, and are able to log in, please go to your profile settings and update your email address today! 
Go to the Contact Us and let one of us know how we can help. Thank you.
be****it, paul - Invalid Address
Br*********er, Pam -Invalid Address
D**z, Donovan - Temporary Failure
G****a, Victor - Invalid Address
H***s, Kathi - Invalid Address
S**k, John - Temporary Failure
S***h, Julia - Invalid Address
S****y, Thomas - Temporary Failure
T****r, Albert - Invalid Address
T****o, Adan - Invalid Address

Announcements of Note

Check your email for the notice from Bill "I Got  the Stuff" Green, to arrange to pick up yours.
a member of the Board of Directors as Newsletter Editor
We have a vacancy on the Board as there were no nominations for this position at our meeting. 
Publishing skills not required.  If interested, please contact


You can find information on last month's presenter, Marly Paulus and our other speakers in the Forums-General-Presenter Information.


Welcome Joe Dittemore Insurance - Our newest sponsor!

Joe and Dianne Dittemore.  Joe is our newest sponsor.  Joe specializes in many kinds of insurance, and particularly insurance for cyclists. Please click on his sponsor link to the left.
Joe and Dianne


One of our Sponsors, Yucaipa Bicycle has an opening for a part time experienced mechanic/sales person. Honest and
friendly a must.
Email  or call 951-712-9342
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Tour de Palm Springs century training

Ever wanted to ride a long ride that will impress friends and family alike?

As has rapidly become a tradition, RWBTC will be organizing a series of training rides to help novice riders reach the goal of riding the a century. The culmination of this training will be to take part in the 18th annual Tour de Palm Springs on January 23rd next year.
The training will include the following:
  • A series of rides of increasing length, supported by experienced riders.
  • Some of the training rides will be in Palm Springs and will together cover the posted route.
  • A page on the club website with information on various topics.
  • Help, advice and encouragement along the way from club members and new friends.
Rides will take place on Saturday mornings starting on November 14th, with the option to delay until Sunday based on weather; it is supposed to be an El Niño year after all.
To take part please email and include your name and experience level, experienced riders are also welcome. 
Tour de Palm Springs century training 2013

C.W.A.C - Climb With A Cause

CHRISTMAS PARTY - Friday Dec. 11, 2015 @ 6:30pm - RSVP today!

It's still not too late to register today for yourself and companion, and children (under 10 - $12) are welcome. You will have a choice of Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian.
When:  Friday, December 11, 2015 
Where: Tennessee Gardens
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 Mixer and H'ors D'oeuvres; Dinner and Festivities start at 7:30 pm.
Music: DJ Francois

November 2015 Bike Shorts Available

The November edition of Bike Shorts for 2015 is now available for your enjoyment...
(Note: Member Login required.)

Fall Climbing Rides October - November - Leader Tina & Harro


Have you ever wanted to reach new heights? Would you like to see new and beautiful places? Are you looking for a way to help keep off the holiday weight gain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the club has a great series of rides for you!!!


Tina and Harro are going to lead a six week climbing series. This is for the rider who has some experience with riding in the mountains. The object is to increase cardiovascular endurance, climbing power, and cardiovascular efficiency while riding at 70% of your maximum effort (meaning a pace which you can maintain while talking).

Rides begin on October 3rd and will be posted on the club calendar with route slips, start locations and roll out times. In the event of rain, the ride will be cancelled, and rotated to the next week so that they may be done in succession.  Each week the rides increase in miles and elevation gain. 
October 3 - Highway 38 (Damnation Alley) to Forest Falls/Angelus Oaks Fork 44 miles 3,500 Ft.
October 10- Oak Glen 44 miles 4,200 Ft.
October 17 - Claremont to Mt. Baldy via East Fork (this ride begins at the Claremont train station) 54
miles 5,400 Ft.
October 24 - Jenk's Lake 65 miles 6,500 Ft. 
October 31 - La Canada/Flintridge to Newcomb's Ranch 63 miles 7,400 Ft.
November 7 - Wrightwood to Newcomb's Ranch 65 miles 8,200 Ft.
Start Small, Aim High.
For updates please visit the Rides Forum Climbing Ride Discussion

RWBTC Pizza Party  @ Uncle Howie's Photos

If you missed the party, here are the photos!



More Photos from our RWBTC Facebook Albums


Photos from that day's ride and meeting

Posted by Redlands Water Bottle Transit Company on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

 Yucaipa Bike Center is now a TREK Project One Dealer

Yucaipa Bike Center would like to let everyone know that they are now a TREK PROJECT ONE DEALER- please check out the link below for more information on how to build your own bike!  We hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving holiday and we here at Yucaipa Bike Center look forward to helping you with all your holiday and Christmas shopping needs.
 TREK ProjectOne

Information on our previous meetings and Meeting Presenters is now available in the Forums under General.



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Check out the Riding and Training Info Link.  Some of the news articles such as "The Lost Art of the Group Ride" by Peter Wilburn will be found there. 

Lost Art of the Group Ride

REDLANDS has a Bicycle Kitchen

The Article has moved here: Redlands Bike Kitchen

How You Use Your Leg Muscles

Interesting article on what muscles you actually use when you are pedaling. there is room for a little skepticism as this is coming from a mtb/bmx site. It would be great to get more info on such things from the science perspective. Here is the start of the article( continued HERE):

One of the most persistent myths in the mountain biking world surrounds the pedal stroke and goes something like this: " Without being attached to the pedals you can not use your hamstrings properly, which forces you to rely too much on the quads to power the pedal stroke. By not being able to curl the knee joint during the upstroke of the pedal stroke you create muscular imbalances and tire out the quads faster." That is what most of us have been told. However, this understanding of which muscles are used and how they are used during a pedal stroke is completely wrong and potentially dangerous over the long run.

When I ask why someone thinks that the muscles are used that way during the pedal stroke, I am invariably led to some variation of this picture/ chart:


President  Don Quering
Vice President Jerry Green
Treasurer  Dave Satre
Secretary  Gay Richards
Ride Director  Jim Nichol
Program Director Candice Tidwell/Laurie Gunn
Newsletter Editor Dave Kehrlein
Webmaster Donald Garcia
Equipment Director          Bill Green

Bicycle Radio

Looking for something to listen to while making that long drive to a ride. Well here is something to get you psyched, Bicycle Radio. Download lots of programs and listen to them on your ipod or iphone. Click on picture for more info.